During the covid-19 outbreak Advantage Auction will be available. Contact us for more details.


Terms:    Buyer will be required to provide at time of sale, %5 per parcel as a down payment on real estate which is nonrefundable in the form of certified or approved funds.  This will become the down payment when the high bid is awarded and the certified funds are signed over to Advantage Auction Team (AAS  LLC) or title company of choice. Seller will choose title company. The bidder will then sign a standard Real Estate Purchase Agreement with balance due in full at closing within 30 days from date of sale. Title Insurance will be available at the expense of the Buyer. All taxes will be prorated as of the closing date, and each party will pay their own reasonable and customary closing costs. The only guarantee from the Seller is a clear and marketable title to the property. Deposit will be refunded if property cannot convey with clear title, this is the only consideration or compensation from Seller, Advantage Auction Team (AAS LLC) or their agents to the Buyer if property does not convey. Seller will choose Title Company.

All information was gathered from sources deemed to be reliable and is believed to be correct, however, this information is not guaranteed by the Seller, Advantage Auction Team (AAS LLC) or their agents.  All bidders are urged to do their own due diligence and verify all information as to improvements, sizes, condition, and contaminants, like lead, asbestos, mold, etc. Surveys, easements, inspections, appraisals, zoning compliance, permits, association compliance, dockage, and leases are the responsibility of the Buyer. Financing should be arranged prior to the auction. This property is not sold contingent on financing. Advantage Auction Team  is an agent for the Seller in this transaction. All announcements day of sale take precedence over all previous printed material. Your attendance is acceptance of your own actions; you alone accept responsibility for your actions. By attending the auction you agree to hold Advantage Auction Team (AAS LLC) and its agents harmless for all claims. Maps are for reference only not guaranteed by survey or legal record. Sale is subject to the approval of the Webster County Circuit Court. Bids are a legal commitment to purchase property.  

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